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Problems needing attention in polishing brass
  • Date:2021-10-21
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The essence of brass polishing treatment is to use the effect of chemical change or physical reaction to ensure that the surface of brass is not too uneven and its surface is brighter and smoother. Let's first analyze the difficult problems of chemical change polishing treatment of brass:
(1) Several polishing acid solutions are all corrosive. During the polishing process, safety precautions must be taken. Do not touch the acid solution with the operator's skin, take it slowly and put it slowly to prevent it from touching our skin.
(2) The operation process equipment used for polishing acid solution is better in plastic color, and there is no need to use the groove of raw materials that can be reflected with acid solution.
(3) It is best to place the polishing solution in a cool and ventilated area.
(4) During the polishing operation, the brass material shall be rotated. In addition, more brass materials shall not be ignored at one time, and a certain interval shall be maintained between the copper material and the copper material.
(5) The interior of the pipe shall be sufficiently cleaned and tidy
Among them, if physical treatment is used to promote the blackening of brass after polishing, there is no doubt that the important reason is that the high temperature formed by the Chinese middle class during the whole process of polishing causes the redox reaction between the copper surface and the oxygen in the air, which reflects the black gray copper oxide.

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